Vaccination in Diabetes

Diabetes  confers an increased risk of  infections. Although people of all ages are prone to infectious diseases like pneumonia and influenza, extremes of age and certain underlying medical conditions  such as diabetes, asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and heart disease  aggravate the risk. The increased susceptibility of diabetes subjects to pneumonia is mainly due to high blood […]

Diabetic Retinopathy

What is Retina? Retina is the light sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the inner eye. It acts like the film in a camera. Images come through the eyes lens and are focused on the retina. The central portion of the retina is called the macula. This area is extremely important for fine […]

Diabetes and Driving

People with well-controlled diabetes are at greater risk for car crashes and other driving mishaps, according to two recent studies. Diabetes patients strive for tight control of blood sugar, aspiring for glycosylated hemoglobin (hbA1c) levels of 6.5-7. However, the methods used to stay at these levels, including regular blood tests and treatment with insulin and […]

Diabetes, Dyslipidemia and Heart Protection

What is dyslipidemia? Cholesterol and triglycerides, known as lipids, are fatty substances normally produces by the body. Dyslipidemia means lipid levels in the bloodstream are too high or low. The most common types of dyslipidemia are : High levels of low-denisty lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol Low levels of high-density lipoproptein 9HDL or “good”) cholesterol […]

Diabetes, why me?

DIABETES  –  You have heard about it often, now know about it, but when you have to face it yourselves, it is difficult. You ask why me, what I have done wrong? Important is to remember that it is no fault of yours that you have Diabetes. It is the single most important metabolic disease […]


Get a tape, throw the machine The last few decades has seen outstanding advancements in modern medicine in arresting & finding cures for many incurable maladies. But a cure for obesity has so far remained elusive. World over, doctors are increasingly worried about obesity. Recognized, since 1985, as a chronic disease, obesity is the second […]

Research Activities

1. Collaborative Atorvastatin in Diabetes Mellitus, North Manchester General Hospital – Co-Investigator – 1996 2. Cross-over comparison of Viagra TM and Placebo for the treatment of pain in diabetic polyneuropathy in adult males A 1481016 , Hope Hospital, Manchester – Co-Investigator – 2000 3. A double blind comparison of Viagra and placebo: 148-1040 Study in […]