Why worry about Diabetes?

If you have Diabetes, Don’t worry and freeze, Careful about your diet Please, Best are grams vegetables & green leaves, Must exercise everyday with ease, Make sure your doctor sees, Your Eyes, Heart, Kidneys and below knees: If you have a problem to cease, Go to Specialist in Diabetes, Your problem just flees, So why […]

Diabetes, why me?

DIABETES  –  You have heard about it often, now know about it, but when you have to face it yourselves, it is difficult. You ask why me, what I have done wrong? Important is to remember that it is no fault of yours that you have Diabetes. It is the single most important metabolic disease […]

Type 2 Diabetes in children

A different Diabetes in Childhood, deviation from tradition! Childhood Diabetes Mellitus is traditionally called Type1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes where pancreas fails to produce the key enzyme Insulin, as a result the child becomes dependent on Insulin for whole of his/her life. We all know the incidence of Diabetes is increasing very rapidly all over […]

Type 1 Diabetes In Children

What are the types of Diabetes in childhood? Childhood Diabetes is of 2 types. Type 1 is insulin dependent and type 2 is due to defective insulin action. Why my child? It is unfortunate it is your child. The cause of diabetes is not fully understood. Diabetes is most often associated with a genetically determined […]

A New Hope for Diabetes – Stem Cell

Treatment Options for people with Diabetes While Insulin is a must for type 1 Diabetes, type 2 Diabetes is THE problem us (more than 98% of all people with Diabetes), a standard treatment plan for which includes diet & exercise, tablets and Insulin. Despite progress in understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms for diabetes, there […]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

What are the types of Diabetes in Pregnancy? Pregnancy Diabetes is a very important area, which needs special attention and very close supervision both by Obstetrician and Diabetes team. Diabetic pregnancies are mainly of two types. First one is women with known diabetes either type 1 or 2 becoming pregnant called pre-gestational Diabetes. The other […]

Organ protection from Clutches of Diabetes

What are the organs that can be damaged by Diabetes? High blood sugar for a few days may not create lots of problem but if high sugar remains for some time chronic complications set in. We are concerned about the eyes, kidneys and the nerves. Circulation can be a problem with diabetes and that’s why […]

Sick day rule for people with Diabetes

What should I do when I am ill? Any stress for example infection may raise your sugar; this is a normal response of the body. In stressful situation checking sugar more often is advisable. You should not stop your medicine without your doctor’s advice because you are ill. Actually you may need more Insulin to […]

Diabetes monitoring: Why and How?

What is the need for monitoring Diabetes? At the beginning Diabetes is often without symptoms. Time and again it has been proved in various scientific studies that uncontrolled Diabetes has a very high risk of developing complications (will be discussing later). Once complications develop, they do not go away. Diabetes needs to be treated to […]

Basics of DIABETES

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is an old illness. It has affected mankind for many hundreds of years and is referred in old Sanskrit writing. It is a chronic metabolic disorder with high levels of sugar in the blood. The word “Diabetes” means siphon and “Mellitus” stands for sweet. Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus are used interchangeably […]