Section 8: Metabolic Syndrome

Fat in tummy what we call as abdominal obesity has something different than rest of our body fat, in terms of metabolism. This fat is abnormal in the sense of metabolism and leads to a complicated metabolic situation called METABOLIC SYNDROME. This essentially is comprised of type 2 Diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, increase chance […]

Type 2 Diabetes, new oral tablet, SGLT2 inhibitor

Management of hyperglycaemia is still a challenge in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus despite an increase in the pharmacological options. Although metformin is the first drug to be started for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, some patients may not tolerate it and the many patients do not get adequate control with metformin […]

Type 2 Diabetes in children

A different Diabetes in Childhood, deviation from tradition! Childhood Diabetes Mellitus is traditionally called Type1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes where pancreas fails to produce the key enzyme Insulin, as a result the child becomes dependent on Insulin for whole of his/her life. We all know the incidence of Diabetes is increasing very rapidly all over […]