Treatment with Injection medicine not Insulin

Are there any other new medications available for Diabetes? The search for a new medicine for Diabetes is a never ending process. A new medicine is available which belongs to the incretin family. Incretins are a type of gastrointestinal hormone that cause an increase in the amount of insulin released from the beta cells of […]

Insulin treatment for Diabetes

What is Insulin? Insulin is a hormone that is produced from the pancreas, a gland in the tummy. When we eat, glucose is absorbed from the stomach and enters in the blood. The glucose must enter into the cells to make energy and Insulin helps glucose to enter the cells. In people with type 1 […]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

What are the types of Diabetes in Pregnancy? Pregnancy Diabetes is a very important area, which needs special attention and very close supervision both by Obstetrician and Diabetes team. Diabetic pregnancies are mainly of two types. First one is women with known diabetes either type 1 or 2 becoming pregnant called pre-gestational Diabetes. The other […]

New Mode of Insulin Delivery

A new way to treat diabetes may be just around the corner. Several biotechnology companies are in hot pursuit of an oral form of insulin. So far, two options exits for patients with diabetes who require insulin – pumps or syringes, with other needle-free options remaining elusive. In 2007, Pfizer, Inc., withdrew Exubera, an inhaled […]

DIABETES MELLITUS – Top TEN frequently asked questions!

The incidence of Diabetes is increasing all over the world including India. There are two main types: type 1 or Insulin deficient or juvenile and type 2 or Insulin resistant or adult onset Diabetes. In type 1 Diabetes pancreas does not produce Insulin and you cannot survive without Insulin. In type 2 Diabetes, pancreas does […]