FAQ in Thyroid

What is Thyroid? Thyroid is the name of a gland that is situated in front of the neck. Normally you may not be able to see the gland unless you are very thin. The function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormone. Hormones are the chemical substances that are produced by different glands […]

Thyroid Common problems

Working less (Under active thyroid, Hypothyroid) Normal function of thyroid gland is to give thyroid hormone; if it gives less it is called Hypothyroidism. Working more (Overactive thyroid, Hyperthyroid) In the same way if thyroid gland gives more thyroid hormone is called Hyperthyroidism. Goiter An enlarged thyroid gland for whatever reason is called goiter. Thyroid […]


What is Goitre? When the thyroid gland becomes big it is called goitre, whatever may be the reason. There is no direct relation between sizes of the gland with the function that is the amount of thyroid hormone coming out of the gland. Goiter (Enlarged thyroid gland) How do I know that I have goitre? […]