Adult GH Therapy

Why does adult GH deficiency occur?

  • Secondary to pituitary tumor
  • Any pathology surrounding Pituitary gland
  • Effects of surgery or radiotherapy to pituitary

How frequent is it?

One in 10,000 people are affected

Who should be tested?

1. Patients with hypothalamo-pituitary diseases.

2. Childhood onset GH deficiency.

3. Undergone cranial irradiation

How is it diagnosed?

  • Single GH values are non-conclusive
  • Single GH values are non-conclusive

What are the benefits?

1. Improve quality of life & psychological well being – most important effect noticed.

2. Improve exercise capacity

3. Prolonged treatment with GH > 24 months has shown to increase BMD

4. Reduction in cholesterol (approx 15%)

5. Improved ventricular function & left ventricular mass.

This article is prepared along with Dr Menaka