Thyroid problems in the Childhood

Can there be thyroid problem in children?

As in cases of the adult thyroid problems are also seen in the childhood and infancy. It needs careful attention and treatment.

How to suspect low thyroid in my child?

They are growth retardation or failure to gain height, unusual weight gain, deteriorating school performance.

How can I suspect high thyroid in my child?

Usual presentation is irritability, hyperactivity and prominent eyes. They can present with a goiter and failure to gain weight despite eating plenty.

How children can be affected by thyroid problem?

The causes of thyroid problem in children are not much different than the adults and also treatment is more or less the same. Children needs monitoring a bit more frequently than the adults because with change in height and weight and also with increase in age the dose requirement changes.

Special precaution in children?

Children with thyroid problem need careful attention and treatment. Not always they have goiter, if they have this needs to be investigated. Children also can present with classic symptoms of over- or under-active thyroid but certain symptoms should remind you to check for thyroid.

Thyroid problem in the newborn-

Hypothyroidism at birth develops due to failure to develop thyroid gland in mother’s womb. It occurs one in 3000 to 4000 babies and more common in girls than boys. Usual symptoms are poor feeding, sleepiness and prolonged jaundice after birth. If the diagnosis is not made early, baby’s development (both physical and mental) can be delayed. Currently we check blood samples for every baby by pricking the heel after birth. This is a sensitive test to pick up hypothyroidism after at birth.

Growth and Thyroid

Thyroid hormone is essential for normal growth and development. Lack of thyroid hormone is one of the most important treatable cause of growth failure. If you have doubts about your child’s growth, you must see doctor to find out if there are thyroid Problems. Response to treatment is very good unless diagnosis is made very late.