Thyroid Common problems

Working less (Under active thyroid, Hypothyroid)

Normal function of thyroid gland is to give thyroid hormone; if it gives less it is called Hypothyroidism.

Working more (Overactive thyroid, Hyperthyroid)

In the same way if thyroid gland gives more thyroid hormone is called Hyperthyroidism.


An enlarged thyroid gland for whatever reason is called goiter.

Thyroid cancer

Like other organs in the body cancer can affect thyroid gland. They usually present as goiter which is rapidly increasing in size.

Poor growth in children

Lack of thyroid gland causes poor height gain in children. Any child not growing to his/her potential should be investigated for Hypothyroidism. Treatment is easy, cheap and effective.

Puberty problem

Again lack of thyroid hormone can make the puberty early or late. This makes thyroid test is mandatory for evaluation of puberty related problem.

Thyroid and infertility

In women low or high thyroid can make the cycles irregular and there is no proper ovulation. Also for maintenance of normal pregnancy a normal thyroid is required. Not only that we need a fine tuning in pregnancy for a successful outcome.

In men also low thyroid can affect sperm count and can be a cause for infertility. This is in most of the cases is reversible.

Absent thyroid/Thyroid problem in the newborn

Very rarely newborn can born without thyroid partially or completely. Obviously we need to replace thyroid hormone in similar situation.