Low and High Thyroid

What is Hypo- and Hyper-thyroidism?

Under-active thyroid means your thyroid gland is unable to provide normal amount of thyroid hormone. In the same way, if the gland keeps on producing more thyroid hormone than normal, it is called over-active thyroid.

Hypo means under active: Hyper means overactive

What are the symptoms of Thyroid diseases?

The common symptoms of under active and overactive thyroid are as shown in the box below. Irregularity of periods and difficulty in having baby can be seen in women with both under- and over-active thyroids.

Overactive – Hyperthyroidism

Under active – Hypothyroidism

Irritable/ Excitable

Weight loss/ Weakness


Rapid heart rate

Feeling too warm

Hyperactivity in children

Slow/ Sleepy

Weight gain/ Fluid retention

Dry skin/ Hair loss

Constipation/ Slow heart rate

Feeling too cold

Poor growth in children