Low and High Thyroid

What is Hypo- and Hyper-thyroidism? Under-active thyroid means your thyroid gland is unable to provide normal amount of thyroid hormone. In the same way, if the gland keeps on producing more thyroid hormone than normal, it is called over-active thyroid. Hypo means under active: Hyper means overactive What are the symptoms of Thyroid diseases? The […]

Thyroid Common problems

Working less (Under active thyroid, Hypothyroid) Normal function of thyroid gland is to give thyroid hormone; if it gives less it is called Hypothyroidism. Working more (Overactive thyroid, Hyperthyroid) In the same way if thyroid gland gives more thyroid hormone is called Hyperthyroidism. Goiter An enlarged thyroid gland for whatever reason is called goiter. Thyroid […]