Growth in Children

Is your child growing alright? Growth problems are very common but frequently missed. Schools, playgroups etc are unaware of the problems of dealing with very short child and your child may experience practical problems like unable to reach the peg or desk or sit on toilet. As they grow older they develop psychological problems of […]

Thyroid problems in the Childhood

Can there be thyroid problem in children? As in cases of the adult thyroid problems are also seen in the childhood and infancy. It needs careful attention and treatment. How to suspect low thyroid in my child? They are growth retardation or failure to gain height, unusual weight gain, deteriorating school performance. How can I […]

Thyroid Common problems

Working less (Under active thyroid, Hypothyroid) Normal function of thyroid gland is to give thyroid hormone; if it gives less it is called Hypothyroidism. Working more (Overactive thyroid, Hyperthyroid) In the same way if thyroid gland gives more thyroid hormone is called Hyperthyroidism. Goiter An enlarged thyroid gland for whatever reason is called goiter. Thyroid […]

FAQ – Paediatric Endocrinology

What are causes for short stature? Most common cause for short stature is nutritional deficiency. Other causes are genetic or familial short stature, constitutional short stature or late bloomer, chronic diseases and hormonal deficiency. Among hormonal deficiencies they are thyroid and growth hormone (GH) deficiency. Rare causes are Turner syndrome, growth retardation inside mother’s tummy […]