Adrenocortical crisis electrocardiogram

Screening for genetic haemochromatosis in blood samples with raised alanine aminotranferase M Bhavani, D Lioyd, A Bhattacharyya, J Marples, P Elton, M Worwood In the UK approximately 1 in 140 people are homozygous for the C282Y mutuation of the HFE gene and are at risk from iron overload caused by genetic haemochromatosis (GH). Early detection […]

Ruptured Ectopic Hyperglycaemia

Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy presenting with hyperglycaemia A Bhattacharyya, DJ Tymms. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy has been rising the world over. In the UK, the incidence has doubled in the decade 1980-1990; at present about 8000 ectopic pregnancies are treated each year. The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy remains a challenge to the clinician. Quite often […]

Hyperthyroidism electrocardiogram

Evolving electrocardiographic changes in patient with hyperthyroidism A Bhattacharyya, K Kaushal and TL Dorman A 28 year old man, motor mechanic by profession, was admitted via the casualty department with a two day history of central chest pain radiating to both shoulders. He had no medical history of note; he smoked 50 cigarettes per day […]

Type 1 Diabetes Hypoglycaemia

Why has Ron getting Hypos only the last two years? A Bhattacharyya Practical Diabetes International 1999;16:61-2 This is a letter in response to an original article about new onset Hypoglycaemia in a patient with type 1 Diabetes for no obvious reason.

Fluctuating Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism

Fluctuating Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism in a young women A Bhattacharyya, KG Chan, DJ Tymms Postgraduate Medical Journal 1999;75:243-4 We report a case of young women who presented with repeated episode of spontaneous Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism over a period of eight years. We think this is due change of blocking nd stimulating antibody titer in Graves’disaes.

Pituitary apoplexy Bypass surgery

Asymtomatic pituitary apoplexy after aortocoronary bypass surgery A Bhattacharyya, DJ Tymms, N Naqvi International Journal of Clinical Practice 1999:53;394-5. Pituitary apoplexy usually presents with acute neuro-opthalmological complications that require urgent neurosurgical intervention. We present a case of pituitary apoplexy following aortocoronary bypass surgery that was asymptomatic until the patient presented with features of hormonal deficiency […]

Thyrotoxicosis abdominal pain

Thyrotoxicosis and abdominal pain: atypical presentation in a middle-aged man. A Bhattacharyya, DJ Tymms Hospital Medicine 1999;60:303 Thyrotoxicosis is a common endocrine disorder affecting predominantly young to middle –aged individuals. Young people are known to present with classic features of thyrotoxicosis in contrast to the elderly. We report a middle-aged man with thyrotoxicosis presenting to […]

Thyrotoxicosis Elderly presentation

THYROTOXICOSIS IN OLD AGE: A DIFFERENT CLINICAL ENTITY A BHATTACHARYYA, PHILIP G WILES. Hospital Medicine 1999;60:115-8 Thyrotoxicosis generally presents with classic signs and symptoms in younger people. Among the elderly population atypical presentation is recognized, although this has not been well quantified or characterized. To avoid misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis, clinical suspicion needs to […]

Hypoglycaemia Coeliac diasese-Type 1 Diabetes

Life threatening hypoglycaemic due to previously unrecognized celiac disease in patient with type1 diabetes mellitus. A Bhattacharyya, DJ Tymms Practical Diabetes International 1999;16:90-2. Coeliac disease is currently recognized to be associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus. However, the presentation varies. We report a patient with long-standing type 1 diabetes presenting to us with life- threatening […]

Coeliac disease presentation

Coeliac disease in adults: variations on a theme A Bhattacharyya, MK Patel, DJ Tymms Journal of Royal Society of Medicine 1999;92:286-89. In childhood, celiac disease (gluten enteropathy) tends to show itself with failure to thrive and growth retardation; in adult life with malabsorption syndromes. We report six cases in adults who presented atypically, with features […]