Treatment of Osteoporosis

    • Regular Physical Exercise Preferably outdoor. There is no exercise better than the other. Remember exercising is more important what exercise you are carrying out.
    • Diet rich in Calcium.
    • Supplemental Calcium at least 1 Gm, most tablets available in the market are of 500 mg, so you need two of them.
    • Medications to reduce bone loss there are quite a few available in the market, your Doctor will be the best person to choose one for you.
    • Medications to increase the bone formation
      currently Parathyroid Hormone in available. Unfortunately this has to be given by injection everyday and costly.
    • Treatment of secondary factors for example using steroid for some reason or other, low sex hormone, deficiency of Vitamin D, very high Parathyroid Hormone level called Hyperparathyroidism, high Thyroid hormone called Hyperthyroidism either by itself or over treatment for under active Thyroid.
    • Planned follow up with Bone Density measurement at a regular interval.