Diabetes finds a new ally in Alcohol!

Diabetes Mellitus is condition where the sugar content of your blood goes higher than normal. In Type1 where pancreas in tummy can not produce insulin (the only hormone that lowers blood sugar), it is the common type in children. More than 95% of Diabetes is type 2, here although the body produces insulin but it […]

Honey, take little honey, it has a point to make!

Antioxidants block certain types of cell damage caused by molecules called free radicals, which are caused by exposure to tobacco smoke, environmental pollution and some chemicals. Foods rich in antioxidants help destroy free radicals, and scientists think they reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. Recently taking antioxidant tablet is […]

Artificial Sweeteners

Don’t throw away your artificial sweeteners just because sugar is safer than you thought. Artificial sweeteners are “free foods”. They make food taste sweet, but they have no calories and do not raise blood glucose levels. They do not count as a carbohydrate, a fat, or any other exchange. They can be added to your […]

Back to the nature, the best way to replenish energy

It’s a common belief that taking multivitamin tablets or more recently taking antioxidant tablet is helpful to replenish your body’s vitamin or revitalize oneself (in fact to make the issue more complicated some Pharmaceutical companies using names in the same line!). Antioxidants block certain types of cell damage caused by molecules called free radicals, which […]

Insulin treatment for Diabetes

What is Insulin? Insulin is a hormone that is produced from the pancreas, a gland in the tummy. When we eat, glucose is absorbed from the stomach and enters in the blood. The glucose must enter into the cells to make energy and Insulin helps glucose to enter the cells. In people with type 1 […]

Why worry about Diabetes?

If you have Diabetes, Don’t worry and freeze, Careful about your diet Please, Best are grams vegetables & green leaves, Must exercise everyday with ease, Make sure your doctor sees, Your Eyes, Heart, Kidneys and below knees: If you have a problem to cease, Go to Specialist in Diabetes, Your problem just flees, So why […]

Diabetes, why me?

DIABETES  –  You have heard about it often, now know about it, but when you have to face it yourselves, it is difficult. You ask why me, what I have done wrong? Important is to remember that it is no fault of yours that you have Diabetes. It is the single most important metabolic disease […]

Type 2 Diabetes in children

A different Diabetes in Childhood, deviation from tradition! Childhood Diabetes Mellitus is traditionally called Type1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes where pancreas fails to produce the key enzyme Insulin, as a result the child becomes dependent on Insulin for whole of his/her life. We all know the incidence of Diabetes is increasing very rapidly all over […]

Type 1 Diabetes In Children

What are the types of Diabetes in childhood? Childhood Diabetes is of 2 types. Type 1 is insulin dependent and type 2 is due to defective insulin action. Why my child? It is unfortunate it is your child. The cause of diabetes is not fully understood. Diabetes is most often associated with a genetically determined […]

A New Hope for Diabetes – Stem Cell

Treatment Options for people with Diabetes While Insulin is a must for type 1 Diabetes, type 2 Diabetes is THE problem us (more than 98% of all people with Diabetes), a standard treatment plan for which includes diet & exercise, tablets and Insulin. Despite progress in understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms for diabetes, there […]