Problems with Diabetes

Problems related to Diagnosis

This is one time diagnosis; it should be confirmed by repeat checking. If in doubt, glucose tolerances test.

Problems related to blood sugar

Main idea is to control Diabetes. High sugar is bad for body. Sugar sometimes can become low. Commonly due to mismatch of treatment and diet.

Problems related to acute complications

Two acute complications are high sugar coma and low sugar coma, both are dangerous and proper Diabetes education and action is the solution.

Problems related to blood circulation

Circulation can be affected in Diabetes in the Brain (stroke), Heart (heart take), feet (Gangrene).

Problems related to Eye

One of the leading cause of blindness all over the world, retina checking is important once a year.

Problems related to Kidney

Kidney problem is more with uncontrolled Diabetes, earliest way to detect is checking albumin, when Diabetes affects kidney, first change is leaking albumin in the urine.

Problems related to Nerve

Uncontrolled Diabetes can cause nerve damage. The symptoms can be positive or negative.

Problems related to Infection

Chance of infection in people with Diabetes is more common in people with Diabetes than without. Common sites of infections are private parts, skin, eye, ear, and chest.

Problems related to Sexual function

Erectile dysfunction is a very well known complication of Diabetes, particularly longstanding and uncontrolled Diabetes. Sexual dysfunction in women also is being recognized in people with Diabetes.

Problems related to blood pressure

Incidence of high BP in Diabetes is higher than in general population. In our clinic population 50 % of people with Diabetes have high BP, treatment of BP in people with Diabetes is very important.

Problems related to blood cholesterol

High cholesterol is common in people with Diabetes; in our clinic high cholesterol is seen in 70% of people with Diabetes.

Problems related to body weight

Obesity again is much more common in type 2 Diabetes, fortunately this is less in comparison to west.

Problems related to pregnancy

Diabetes in pregnancy is harmful to both mother and baby, we need a very careful control in pregnancy, and this needs close supervision.